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San Diego, CA 92116

The online web portal for yoga instructor & personal trainer, Laurel van den Cline. Based out of San Diego, CA, Laurel is available to teach and lead workshops, private and group yoga & personal training, fitness consultation, in-person as well as via Skype.

Monday Heart Mantra - Nov 28, 2016


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Monday Heart Mantra - Nov 28, 2016

Laurel van den Cline

Water Is Sacred 💧

We are all in this together! Water is important for your survival. 💥You need it to make food, to sustain your body and vital organs, and you need it for the planets' health. There are so many environmental wrongs happening, which feels overwhelming for me at times.

Industry requires water. There are plenty of people looking out for industry, but sadly this is not matched by people looking out for the precious resource we all require, water.

❤️💚You have a Choice!💚❤️

👉How do you interact with water? Do you take long showers, have a lawn or use non-native plants?

👉Do you make choices that protect water? Do you support industries that wreak havoc on our planet and resources?

👉Do you inspire others to be mindful in their lives? Without judgement, are you an example of what to do so that others can see? •It's so crazy that there are communities without access to clean water and industries that are poisoning it at the same time. ➡️This week repeat your #mantra as your reminder to be mindful and to observe your actions.

This week's Heart Mantra:
Water is sacred. Water is life. I am thankful for water.