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San Diego, CA 92116

The online web portal for yoga instructor & personal trainer, Laurel van den Cline. Based out of San Diego, CA, Laurel is available to teach and lead workshops, private and group yoga & personal training, fitness consultation, in-person as well as via Skype.

Monday Heart Mantra - Oct 31, 2016


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Monday Heart Mantra - Oct 31, 2016

Laurel van den Cline


As active as the universe is, it's more often at rest. And Space is more prevalent than matter. When we sleep, we partake in this primordial tradition.💫🌟💫

👉Do you sleep?

👉👉What is the quality of your rest?

👉👉👉Do you have routines that help your body and mind transition into this state?

➡️This week take extra time to rest. Rest is one of the most important parts to any health regimen and it is important for overall wellbeing.

🙌Repeat your mantra as your reminder!

This week's HeartMantra:
As I rest, I join the universe in rest. When I rise, I join the sun as it lights my day.