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San Diego, CA 92116

The online web portal for yoga instructor & personal trainer, Laurel van den Cline. Based out of San Diego, CA, Laurel is available to teach and lead workshops, private and group yoga & personal training, fitness consultation, in-person as well as via Skype.

Monday Heart Mantra - Oct 24, 2016


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Monday Heart Mantra - Oct 24, 2016

Laurel van den Cline


🙌💥🙌We are beings with the opportunity to evolve our thoughts and actions. We represent ourselves to others how we would like to be perceived, but are you living it?

How do you represent yourself as being and does that align with the actions you take?

➡️This week write down your values and reflect.

👉Are you living your Truth?

💚This week's #HeartMantra:💚
By effort I become me.